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Author's and Writer's Obligations During the Writing Collaboration Process 

Unleashing the Creative Process

Author's Responsibilities

  • A vision or message that you wish to communicate;

  • Commitment to exchanging ideas with the ghostwriter on a regular basis; 

  • Ability to enter into a contract, or produce someone who can assume that authority on the author's behalf; 

  • Willingness to invest in the project, adherence to the fee schedule and timely payment remittance, either directly or through an authorized representative.

Writer's Responsibilities

  • Compliance with and deference to the author's vision or message;

  • Prompt response to the author's communications and queries; 

  • Implementation of the contract terms, with integrity and exactitude; 

  • Understanding of the author's goals and completion of the project according to the author's specifications.

  • Assistance through the publication process

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