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For all your writing needs and expectations, we offer a vast array of services, including the following ghostwriting, editing, and design support:


  • Book Reviews

  • Book Proposals

  • Book Synopses

  • Articles

  • Essays

  • Grants

  • Speeches

  • Screenplays

  • Academic Papers

  • Blog Posts

  • Poetry

  • Social Media Setup and Maintenance

  • Translation Services (from and into Spanish and German)

  • Web Content and Design for Small Businesses and Individuals

  • Legal Writing and Research

  • ... and more ...

Book Writing and ...

My web series, Featuring My Specializations:


Autobiographies, Memoirs, Biographies (—This link initially appeared to be defective, but the site is complete and fully functional.


Fiction (


Books For Industry Professionals (


Legal Writing (


Marketing and Promotional Materials (


Philosophical and Spiritual Texts (


Short Stories, Children's Books, Poetry and Occasion Pieces (


Main Sites (General Information)

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