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Our Mission Statement

A frequently asked question is whether we accept every client that comes our way. Unfortunately, we cannot do so. Our mission is to achieve the right "fit" for the author and ghostwriter. Style and content count. If the author prefers to write in a manner that does not suit the writer (e.g., "hate speech," slander, horror, or graphic depictions that appeal to the prurient interest), the writing collaborator would be disingenuous and fail to serve the public interest if she were to accept the project.


However, context is also essential, and the writer's primary goal is to access the author's mind and heart with respect for the narrative and its message.


One guarantee that each author receives from GMG Ghostwriting Services is deference to intent, fluid communication of a given message, with heart and purpose. Words truly matter, and the way a writer frames a sentence can mean the difference between acceptance or rejection by your target audience.


When vitriol often holds sway in this day and age, it is important to speak your truth directly and with reverence for your listener. In this vast world, there is plenty of room for diverse interests and modes of expression. 


Make your ideas resonate with purpose and create a lasting impact. Why struggle? We are here to assist.

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