Writing is not just a collection of words on a page. It is the most profound expression of thought and feeling. The amount of heart that goes into each word is as important as the author's correct use and placement of punctuation and attention to structure and syntax. 


Often, people are so close to their subject matter that they miss the forest for the trees. They worry far too much about how a sentence "sounds" or its prospective impact on the reading audience. Too frequently, the concern for how a given writing will sell in the marketplace supersedes the author's necessary attention to such things as emoting and communicating – the very essence and purpose of writing. 


If one isn't trained in the skill of writing and/or editing, the process becomes tedious and frustrating. One sentence can seem to take an eternity, when in reality, the composition should be a visceral, organic experience, that proceeds from a heart connection to the subject matter — either a person, event, or idea.


There is a pervasive fallacy about writing books, speeches, essays, and other forms of writing composition: the you-can-do-it-yourself approach. Gifts and inspiration don't come with a manual. You can be inspired, but you cannot be expected to be a conduit for that inspiration. As you become embroiled in the process, a natural progression of disillusionment sets in. Other responsibilities beckon, and your Inspirational Muse sits on the back burner for months — perhaps even years.


That is where the ghostwriter comes in: a being unfettered by the ties that bind you, the concerns that hinder your creativity, and the emotions that often attend reliving sometimes painful experiences. 


The ghostwriter is your ally and companion in the journey toward fulfilled self-expression and the manifestation of a text that matters to you and to those with whom your message resonates.


The best way to create is not to write at all, but rather, communicate your message to a skilled writer who can do justice to your ideas and feelings – someone who deeply cares and lives the message for you, so that your voice can be heard.


The outcome is guaranteed to achieve nothing less than excellence and personal fulfillment. Then, slowly, your truth — whatever it may be — enters the marketplace of ideas, your circle of readers/listeners grows and expands, and all the while, you experience the sense of accomplishment that you have long suffered to achieve. If you trust and collaborate consistently with your ghost, all of this happens in a relatively brief period of time. 


Creativity need not and should not be arduous or painful. The voice of your truth lies at your fingertips, through the touch of a keyboard. Magic happens — with just one admission — and it is this:


"I HAVE A STORY, A MESSAGE, AND I WANT TO WRITE IT DOWN." Thus begins your journey toward self-realization through the written word!

​© Gabriella M. Gafni ~

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