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A Peaceful Reverie


I dream of a world in which no strife exists,

Where troubles dissolve in soft morning mists,

Where happiness reigns and deep love is not rare,

Where we only compete with ourselves, if we dare.


I dream of a world of co-equal aims,

Where people don’t scheme or play devious games,

Where no one is “right” and no one is “wrong,”

And everyone joins in harmonious song.


I dream of a world of peace and of grace,

For beings of every culture and race,

And species, as well — the four-legged kind,

The most innocent creatures that we can find.


I dream of a world in which we understand

That the best way to live is to lend a hand,

Where kindness is everywhere understood

As strength, not as weakness, for the collective good.


And if this dream is a pie in the sky,

I’ll snatch a slice each day – at least I will try,

And keep on hoping 'til the end of time,

In this complex world that is truly sublime.


© Gabriella Gafni

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