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Come Home to Yourself. 
Become a Published Author.


Welcome to GMG Ghostwriting Services, where client satisfaction and commitment to excellence are paramount.

With extensive experience in writing composition and the art of self-expression, I infuse heart and soul into every phrase and passage, ensuring that each composition is individually tailored to suit my authors' needs and goals. My authors represent a large cross-section of the population — individuals from all walks of life — with varying interests. My ghostwritten works are known for their authenticity of style, readability, lyricism of expression, and the ability to place my author's target audiences in the scene with them. 


Translations from and into Spanish and German are also part of my portfolio, as are screenplays, blogs, web texts, academic papers, speeches, and a host of other styles — including poetry, specifically designed to capture the joyful attention of the intended recipient. 


I hold a New York law degree, and specialize, along with my other styles, in legal writing and research. 


Ghostwriting – just like any engagement that invokes the Creative Muse — is an art form, involving special skill and expertise.


Although I write in nearly every genre, my objective is to compose text with a well-intentioned message or with potentially universal appeal. In keeping with that idea, I decline projects that call for defamatory or scathing epithets, writings that appeal to the prurient interest, graphic or horrific depictions, or subjects dealing with criminality and/or violence.

Boutique Services


The uniqueness of GMG Ghostwriting Services inheres in the fact that each author receives the highest quality, personalized attention. Individualized care and author satisfaction are the primary objectives, while adhering to the highest standards of text composition and production. In seamless fashion, authors go from first draft to publication, maintaining creative control at all times. The finished product is print-ready. I also guide authors through the publication process, proofread galleys, and ensure compliance with the publisher's requisites.  With connections in the publishing industry, I also assist authors in choosing the right venue for their books.

Peace of mind, heartfelt expression, creative fulfillment, the triumph of authorship — expect and receive nothing less.

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